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Cerebral Palsy Mid Staffs

An Independent Charity Helping People With Disabilities




We offer training at our Computer Centre for people over the age of 19 years with Cerebral Palsy or other onset physical disabilities. We offer accessible learning with a Tutor and support assistants in a very friendly atmosphere. People wishing to explore Information Technology can self refer, or referrals can be made by Health and Social Care agencies.

Courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals and one-to-one support is provided where needed. Equipment is available for those people who require special access to computers including switches, a rollerball mouse, a joystick mouse, headphones, enlarged keyboards and wide screen monitors

You can register at any time during the year.  There is a request of a donation of 8.20 per session. 

Telephone Linda Bond on 01785 248977 (Tues - Fri afternoon only) for further information.

Word Processing - Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, learning how to manipulate text, type letters, insert and format images and improve your keyboard skills.
Desktop Publishing - Have fun making individualised greetings cards and calendars, posters, business cards, invitations etc, using Publisher.
PowerPoint - Use PowerPoint to make a slideshow presentation, either for business or pleasure.
Access - Learn how to create a database and manipulate data with queries and reports.
Excel - Create spreadsheets and graphs using Excel.
Digital Photography - Learn how to take photos with a digital camera and download them onto the computer.  Use editing software to enhance your pictures.
Using the Internet - Learn how to access the internet and browse websites for information, and how to send emails to friends and family.
File Management - Learn how to keep your documents, files and folders organised and easily accessible.