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Cerebral Palsy Mid Staffs

An Independent Charity Helping People With Disabilities


Making it Happen

We aim for the highest standards of financial and services management. People are central to our success. This stems from experiences of the people who use our services and the contribution of those who work and volunteer for us.

We expect the highest standards from our staff and volunteers, complete honesty and integrity, total professionalism and a commitment to the people whose interests we exist to serve.

We seek to recognise good practice, and encourage creative and innovative work.

We are committed to establishing equality of opportunity for all and to the professional development of all our staff and volunteers.

This statement expresses our core beliefs and aims. Our plans for the future will flow from what we have expressed here. We are committed to quality in all our services and activities.

We will therefore constantly monitor, evaluate and seek to improve our services further in accordance with these stated beliefs and aims.